A key strategic aspect of the Companys organisational growth is career advancement from within. The focus in this regard is growing the internal skills pool.

ECC is committed to continually enhancing the skills base and facilitate advancement of employees, and makes specific efforts to assist the progress of its employees .

Ongoing internal technical skills development is provided through classroom, personal mentoring and “on-the-job” training as well as through learnerships and apprenticeships.


Elerai Construction has a history of creditable relationships with several emerging contractors and, since inception, it has offered in-service training to students in the civil engineering faculty and believes that offering students a firm foundation in the industry will grow a competent and confident employee pool and ultimately benefit the industry.

Elerai Construction has formalised its in-house Enterprise Development Programme following guidelines in the Construction Charter, aimed at uplifting emerging  contractors.

This has formalised a culture of mentorship and developed longstanding successful relationships of sub-contracting and joint ventures with several emerging contractors.

Since its establishment , ECC has undergone phenomenal growth on the basis of sound technical background, knowledge of large company systems and an entrepreneurial flair and welcomes the opportunity to share, train and guide emerging enterprises in developing these attributes.